The Company

Addison Hunt was created to provide a personable and flexible service to those requiring assistance in the Built Environment. Supported by a trusted network of specialists we are proud to be able to shape the environment we exist in every day.

Recognising our Clients’ significant investment in to their projects we aim to be their trusted partner.


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  • Engaging

    We spend the time and effort to get to know our Clients and understand their needs. This ensures our services are tailored as needed and the project is delivered much smoother.

  • Integrity

    We act with complete transparency and honesty. We are an independent consultancy and are able to deliver our services without influence from others.

  • Respect

    Respect for our Clients and industry colleagues ensures that successful working relationships are developed.

  • Responsibility

    With a ‘can do’ attitude we take responsibility for the successful delivery of our appointed role and the success of the project.

  • High Standards

    Every day we are motivated to deliver to the highest standards. We are constantly seeking to be better, so we listen to feedback and make sure we are aware of advancements within the construction industry.


Cost Management

Accurate cost information is central to ensuring the success of any project. Our approach to Cost Management is driven by a commitment to own our Client’s commercial agenda and to do so proactively


Project Management & Employers Agent Services

Through this key role we are able to co-ordinate the activities of the Project Design Team & the appointed Contractors to ensure that the Client’s objectives and expectations are delivered.

Our approach is anchored by collaboration; ensuring transparency of communication, encouraging knowledge share and offering co-ordinated solutions.

Quorn, Leicestershire

From our base in rural Charnwood we deliver our core services in Cost Management, Project Management & Employers Agent Services across the Country.

Addison Hunt

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